salsa tracking in woods

Discovering that your pet is missing is very stressful. You need answers, and you need them now. We’re here to help.

This is a time for action. Your best chance for success depends on a multifaceted search and recovery effort. You’ll find a list of things to do in the Action to take if your pet is lost section. Take a look at our Poster Pointers to create effective posters and flyers. With luck, you have already accomplished some of the items from the Safeguards Your Pet page.

How can we help you find your lost pet?

Search dogs are only one part of your effort. The advantage of a search dog is that it can direct your search, thus making it more efficient.

Our tracking team consists of a scent-specific tracking dog and a handler who is an experienced lost pet detective. We often ask the owner to walk along with us, although this is not necessary.  For more details, see the Tracking Process page.

It is important to understand that search dogs are not magic. We often find the expectation is that the search dog will come out and in minutes, pick up the track, find the missing pet, catch it and bring it home.  We actually only walk up on a lost pet in about 5% of cases because if a frightened animal can see a stranger with a strange dog coming toward them most will run off if they are able.

The tracking team is just one part of a full search effort that includes postering, volunteer spotters, feeding stations and traps.  We always hope for the best but sometimes it’s not a storybook ending. Sometimes all we can bring is closure. Know that we will do our best for you.

Please browse our site for more information and resources – being added constantly – and feel free to email us or call if we can help your search.