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Sometimes it’s a storybook ending.

Sometimes just an ending.

We think it is important for people to understand that search dogs are just one tool in a full search effort. Search dogs are not magic. We often find the expectation is that the search dog will come out and in minutes, magically pick up the track, find the missing pet, and bring it home.

Sometimes all we can offer is closure. In one case, a missing cat had been hit by a car, and was found deceased under a shed. Although it was very sad, the cat’s guardian positively learned what had happened and was able to recover the remains of the pet.

On another more fortunate search we were lucky, and found the missing cat under a shed less than a day after she knocked the screen out of a window and had disappeared. On another occasion, although we didn’t find the missing cat we were after, we suspect we flushed it out of hiding. He appeared on his front porch the next morning.

On other occasions, we were able to put searchers into a neighborhood where their flyers and door to door visits produced sightings and ultimately contributed to locating their pets.

Here are some of our search stories, sent in by the pet owners we helped:

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